Make LMCC your home and become a part of the Community in Christ.

Why become a member?

Well, when you become a member of LMCC, you’re doing a few things.  First, you’re saying that you’re all-in for the mission and purpose of LMCC: to be the Community in Christ and to take Christ into the Community.  Second, you’re pledging to be a part of this Community in meaningful ways, meaning that you give and take.  You give of your time, talent, and treasure, and you take part in the life-giving encouragement of services, small groups, and outreach opportunities.  Membership is an important way of saying “Yes!” to living in community with other Believers. 

Membership at LMCC is extended to anyone who is a member of Christ’s Church, having established trust in Jesus for redemption from their sins as follows:

  1. Acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  2. Repent (turn from your sins to follow Jesus)
  3. Be baptized by immersion (Believer’s Baptism as found in Acts 2:36-41; 16:29-34, and Romans 6:1-4)

Interested in becoming a member of LMCC?